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Getting the Right Business Structure

It is important to obtain the right advice when setting up a new business or considering changing your business structure.  There are many choices from sole traders, incorporated with a shareholding, charitable statuses or unincorporated associations.

Once taking the plunge, there are certain legal requirements and administrative demands that must be adhered to.  Contact us for our ‘Setting up a Business’ leaflet or to discuss your needs and ambitions and we will get you off to the best start.

Staff Packs

Studies have shown, happy staff are more productive at work. Therefore, it is important to keep unnecessary stress and grievances out of the workplace.

It is essential to get the right literature and staff contracts in place which clearly communicate workplace policies. The right literature helps to reduce potential conflict, and should any grievances arise; employee and employer know where they stand, allowing for quicker resolution.

If you do not have the relevant staffing literature or documents need to be reviewed; contact us, we are here to help.

Contracts and Disputes

Contracts are the foundation of any business relationship. It is imperative to get such contracts in place to ensure all parties get what they expect out of the agreement.

Whether you are looking for MOU’s, supplier agreements or contracts governing directors of a business, we are available to assist.

We know that even with contracts in place, sometimes things go wrong and there is a breakdown in the agreement. We are available to help you to navigate such situations and to resolve the issues with your business intact.

Peer Review & Supervision

Our senior lawyers have had many years in supervision of junior lawyers and lawyers who are new to their areas of expertise.

If you are setting up a new department in family law, we are available to deliver training to your new family lawyers to lay the foundations of their practice.

If you have taken a number of years out of practice and looking to return, we deliver a bespoke course to get you up to date.  We are also available to offer peer support and supervise lawyers in your family departments.

Training and Information Packs

Our lawyers have experience in delivering lectures and talks on a variety of legal based subjects.

Our lawyers have been visiting speakers at the University of Leicester; tutored on courses certificated by the university; spoken at CiLex events; delivered short courses for community led advocacy centres; delivered lectures on the radio and much more. Should you require speakers or bespoke training, please contact us to discuss your needs.

We can also devise information packs for you to use within your organisations.

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