Why choose AGR Law

You will be assisted by a dedicated senior solicitor; you will receive the best advice from us, reflective of your situation.

You will have our time, where we will listen to your issues, evaluate the problem and advise on the best approach; and even in a case that does not quite come within the scope of our expertise, we will be able to guide and put you in the right direction.


Our charges are competitive with no hidden costs. We are always upfront and transparent about costs, so that you can arrange your budget; we are also flexible, so, if you believe you can run your case with some input from us, we can offer unbundled services, which means assisting you only in certain aspects of your case, where you cannot manage and require our expertise. We will be able to assess whether your case is suitable for this type of service and will work with you to identify which parts of your case we can assist in. We will also discuss appropriate ways in which you can meet your legal costs.


Our qualified family lawyers are members of Resolution, which is an organisation of lawyers which aims to promote fair and conciliatory solutions to the issues arising at times of family breakdown. Resolution is an organisation of over 6,500 lawyers who are committed to resolving family law matters in a constructive and non-confrontational manner. Information about Resolution can be found at resolution.org.uk. Our lawyers share a breadth of experience in negotiation skills and aim to conform to Resolution’s code of practice in dealing with family cases.

Any court process can be stressful especially in relation to breakdown of relationships and matters relating to children. Our team will not encourage you to start court proceedings if we assess that your issue is one that can be resolved through mediation or negotiations or that your issue does not warrant court proceedings. However, if court proceedings become inevitable, we will provide you with consistent support to guide you through your legal process as well as still aim to conform with Resolution Code of Practice and the Law Society’s Family Law Protocol. We will represent your best interest.

Other Useful Information

Depending on the nature of your case, we can arrange out of hours appointments

You will be provided with clear and concise information from the beginning which will enable you to decide on your next course of action.

Our office is easily accessible as we are situated within a few yards of Leicester Train Station and the City Centre.

We can arrange to see you away from our office, for instance at your business premises, if you are a business client.

We also see clients within Northamptonshire, with prior arrangements

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