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Good Divorce

It may sound strange to talk about a “good divorce” but with help from Resolution, many family lawyers have changed the culture and conversation around divorce to a more conciliatory and child focused approach. In the past few years, there have been some very big...

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Child Arrangements Order – Case Study

This case-study looks at some of the limitations of the Child Arrangements Order. I was approached by a child and the lady who cared for him. This lady, the caring mother (CM) was in a relationship with the child's father who died leaving a defective will. The child’s...

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AGR LAW Awarded a Legal Aid contract in Family Law

AGR Law has recently been awarded a Legal Aid contract in Family Law. This means we can now accommodate clients whose case come within the Scope of Legal Aid and who meet the MEANS and MERITS assessments. By way of example, the following cases will generally fall...

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Legal Representation or Not?

Solicitor or no solicitor? 1. Can you afford to manage your case through the whole legal process without legal representation? 2. Can you afford to lose your case due to lack of compliance with the correct legal procedures; something you could have perhaps avoided by...

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“Excellent and accurate services”

"AGR Law is reliable and trusted in delivering excellent and accurate services. We have used AGR Law Solicitors in two different occasions (Immigration and Family Matter), their service was very successfull and delivered at the right time. We must confess that we are...

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“The service provided was excellent”

“Ruth was my solicitor during my legal battle to have contact with my son, from whom I was denied any access for a number of years. The service provided was excellent. Throughout the case all the advise given to me, meant that there were hardly any surprises when it...

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