Immigration laws are constantly evolving and so we ensure our solicitors are up to date with the changes in legislation. AGR Law guide their clients through the complexities of Immigration Law and give strong advice based on their high level of expertise. We will be honest about the chances of success in your case and persevere to obtain the best possible outcome for you or your business.

How we can help you:

  • Family immigration
  • Individual and work immigration
  • Appeals
  • Legal Representation
  • Setting up new business in the UK
  • Moving your business to the UK
  • Bringing new employees to the UK

Immigration & Nationality for Individuals

At AGR Law, we can help you in many areas of immigration for yourself and your family. We provide assistance to those making applications from within the UK and outside the UK.

  • Skilled Worker visa
  • Spouse visa application & appeals
  • Visas to visit family in the UK
  • British Settlement
  • British Citizenship
  • EU Nationals
  • Work Immigration
  • Visas for Students who wish to study in the UK

Example Immigration Case Study
Mitesh and Sruthi

Mitesh and Sruthi had lived in India for 5 years and got married in Kerala, in keeping with their traditional values. Neither Mitesh nor Sruthi were from India but had decided to start a family there, with two daughters and one son.

Mitesh was from the UK and wanted to move back to his birthplace with his family. With Sruthi not from the UK, and out of her home country for so long, she struggled to be accepted for a long-term VISA.

It was suggested that Sruthi return to her home country to apply for a VISA from there.

AGR Law were instructed to help the family to remain in the UK and helped Mitesh to make applications for his family and Sruthi to remain in the UK based on his family and children.  Mitesh and Sruthi were able to apply to renew Sruthi’s VISA every 2 and a half years, due to the Article  8, Private Life.

This was a good result for the family and AGR Law, keeping the family together and enabling the children to not be separated from their mother.

Commercial Immigration Services

At AGR Law, we can help you to achieve your Commercial Immigration goals by setting up a new business in the UK, moving your business to the UK or bringing new employees to the UK.

We can help you by:

  • Advising you on which application is relevant to your circumstances in line with the applicable procedures and requirements; for instance, if you wish to set up in the UK, a subsidiary, or a branch of your parent company, which is located abroad; the process from bringing a senior employee to the UK for the initial set-up to applying for sponsor licence when you are established and have a genuine presence in the UK.
  • Working with you to ensure you meet all requirements before making your applications; for example, you will be required to submit a business plan with your application- we can work with you to ensure your proposals achieve the required expectations for your application.
  • Advising and guide you through bringing specialist staff from outside the European Economic Area.
  • Applying for Sponsor Licence for your business/es if you are already established and have a genuine presence in the UK.
  • Applying for naturalisation or registration as British Citizens for you or your employees who meet relevant requirement

Once your business is established in the UK, our business support specialist can work closely with you and your team to ensure relevant compliance with employment law, practices and procedures. Businesses within the UK must meet relevant statutory requirements pertaining to formation, running and management of the business and its employees. You may find that your business will benefit from further support to ensure compliance with ongoing statutory obligations.

To find out further information on our business support services, visit our business support page or you can contact us for further information.